Child support in Arizona is calculated using a formula based upon an Income Shares Model that is set forth in the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. Pursuant to this model, the total child support amount approximates the amount that would have been spent on the children if the parents and children were living together. Each parent contributes his or her proportionate share of the total child support amount. The court may order either parent owing a duty of support to a child born to the parents to pay an amount reasonable and necessary for support of the children.

How is Child Support in Arizona Calculated?

The child support obligation has priority over all other financial obligations. The calculation is derived from a series of factors which includes gross income of both parties, amounts paid for health insurance, amounts paid for childcare, and the amount of parenting time each party has with the children. Parents have an ongoing obligation to support their children until a child reaches eighteen (18) years old or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later, but not beyond age nineteen.

Child support is modifiable upon a substantial and continuing change in financial circumstances.

Child support is required to be paid through the support payment clearinghouse for record-keeping purposes.

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